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So you’re about to move and need to turn on the electricity at your new place? If you plan to live in our service area, CoServ will be your electric provider. We are a not-for-profit electric cooperative. Wondering why you can’t pick another company? Find out why from the Public Utility Commission. We’re not your typical utility … As a cooperative, CoServ Electric is owned by our Customers (known as “Members”). To receive electric service from us, you’ll first become a Member. To do that, you must:

  • Agree to purchase electric energy from CoServ.
  • Agree to comply with, and be bound by, the articles of the cooperative, as well as any rules and regulations adopted by the CoServ Board of Directors.
  • Pay a one-time membership fee of $15, which is refundable (applied to your final bill) upon closing all active accounts with CoServ.

Keep in mind that no Member may hold more than one membership (although you may hold multiple accounts if you need multiple meters). Also, no membership is transferable, except as provided for in our Bylaws. Once you’re a Member of CoServ, you’ll enjoy a variety of privileges not found at other retail electric providers.