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Your pennies make a difference across the CoServ community—thank you!


Founded in 2004, the CoServ Charitable Foundation (CCF) was created as a direct result of two parallel driving forces—the establishment of Operation Roundup®, a cooperative initiative to improve the quality of life for residents within our communities, and by a desire among CoServ’s Employees to be more directly involved in how CoServ gives back to the community. The majority of our funding comes from you, our Members and Customers, and from Employee payroll donations, fundraisers and raffles.

CCF is an independent, non-profit organization. The CCF Board of Directors has been appointed by CoServ Electric. Board members and CoServ employees provide their time and resources free of charge. We are focused on providing donations, resources and manpower where we can do the most good for the community. Currently these initiatives are divided into four key categories:

  • Community Service—Programs, projects and organizations that are important components of a community’s overall quality of life, with an emphasis on public safety, healthcare, self-sufficiency and basic human needs. This effort includes financial assistance for social service agencies dedicated to helping CoServ members and customers in need pay their energy bills, and aiding first responders in our community such as Little Elm Box 620 Support Co., the Parker Volunteer Fire Department and Fairview Fire Rescue.
  • Education and Youth—Programs and projects that promote youth wellness; programs designed to combat critical social problems affecting our youth, with an emphasis on children and teens at risk.
  • Environment—Programs that promote recycling and natural resource preservation; community-based environmental quality education programs.
  • Disaster Relief—Programs and projects to provide disaster relief and food, clothing, shelter, medical care, clean-up and repairs/reconstruction in an emergency following an accident, severe storm or other causes.  


To learn more about the CoServ Charitable Foundation and how you can help make a difference, please contact CCF Administrator Mary Worthington at

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