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Payment Options

Beware of scammers representing themselves as payment services! CoServ payments should only be made through the formats listed below.CoServ offers a variety of payment options and you can subscribe to E-Bill through your myecogridaccount.

“No fee” payment options:

  1. Automatic bank draft: Without you lifting a finger, we electronically draft your account balance from your savings/checking account each month.
  2. Rolling Average Billing (bank draft required): For residential Members with 12 months CoServ service and a zero balance.
  3. By mail: Send your check or money order to CoServ, P.O. Box 650785, Dallas, TX 75265-0785.
  4. In person: Come to 7701 S Stemmons between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. We accept cash, check or money order and have a convenient night depository. Note: A $3.95 fee per transaction via credit/debit card or electronic check in person applies. A limit of $750.00 per transaction using credit/debit card also applies. 
  5. Online bill-pay through your bank: Most banks provide free bill-pay services, giving you complete control of your monthly payment. Allow 5-7 days for CoServ to receive payment. Please update your CoServ utility account number on your bank's bill-pay system if you move from one CoServ address to another.

“Fee-based” payment options:

  1. Authorized Pay Locations: Cash payments only, and a $1.50 fee applies. (NOTE: Walmart is not an authorized payment location. Payments made at Walmart take 3-5 business days to post to your account.)  Download a PDF of the locations or view the locations on an interactive map.
  2. Pay on CoServ.com: Use an electronic check or credit/debit card—a $3.95 fee per transaction applies. A limit of $750.00 per transaction also applies. 
  3. Pay by phone: Available 24/7, you can pay by phone by calling 1-800-807-3891—a $3.95 fee per transaction applies. A limit of $750.00 per transaction also applies. (NOTE: The third-party processor fee for Options 2 and 3 is paid for only by those CoServ Members/Customers who use it. CoServ does not generate revenue from or receive any portion of the fee.)