Online Bill Pay

About Your Bill

Note: If you receive service from both CoServ Electric and CoServ Gas, please review the About Your Bill page on CoServ Gas’ site, as well. Some policies are different. CoServ offers a variety of convenient Payment Options. Pick one that's right for you. 


Billing Process

Each month, you receive a paper statement from CoServ. If you’re enrolled in E-Bill, you also get an e-mail when your bill is ready to view online.

Sign up for E-Bill by establishing an online account with us and checking the E-bill box when prompted. Then, while logged in, click “E-Bill Preferences.” You can opt out of receiving a paper bill or choose to receive both an E-Bill and a paper bill. You can also enroll in Rolling Average Billing and automatic bank draft by contacting Customer Service.

Your service address determines the day of the month that you receive your bill. You should get it around the same time every month.


Billing Terms

Trying to figure out the line items on your bill? View a sample electric statement or sample electric/gas statement with key terms explained. You may also find what you’re looking for in our glossary.


Due Dates

To avoid service disconnection, CoServ must receive your payment by the “Current Bill Due Date,” shown in the upper-right corner of your statement. This due date falls 16 days after the “Statement Date,” which is when the bill was printed. 

Even if you don’t receive your bill (because it got lost in the mail, accidentally thrown away, etc.), you’re still responsible for making the payment. Sign up for E-Bill (see Billing Process section above) to view your bill as soon as it’s ready. Contact Customer Service if you don’t receive a statement within 30 days of setting up electric service (or if your statements ever start arriving later than usual).

CoServ offers convenient payment options.  Pick one that's right for you. 


Late Fees

If you don’t pay your electric bill on time, your account will be charged a late fee on the next statement. This fee is 5 percent of your most recent Electric Energy Charge.


Service Disconnection

If CoServ doesn’t receive your payment by five days after the due date, we’ll mail you a “service interruption notice.” If we don’t receive your payment by the date stated on the notice, we must disconnect your electric service. (You will receive the notice at least 10 days prior to the disconnection date.)

To restore service after being disconnected, you must pay the entire balance on your account, plus a $100 reconnection charge and an additional deposit (equal to one-sixth of your annual bill). We must receive your payment before 3 p.m. for service to be reconnected the same day. Otherwise, we’ll reconnect the next business day.

Besides not paying your bill, here are all the reasons why your service may get disconnected.


Billing Disputes

If you don’t agree with a portion of your bill, contact Customer Service. We will do our best to answer your questions. If we cannot resolve the issue via phone, please send CoServ a written notice of the reasons why you dispute the bill. Be sure we receive it before your bill is due. Then we will investigate the matter and let you know our conclusion.

We will not disconnect your service while the bill is in dispute or for 60 days after the bill is issued, whichever period is shorter. However, until the dispute is resolved, you may need to pay an amount based on prior electric usage.

If our investigation concludes that the unpaid amount is indeed correct, that payment will be due immediately. If you aren’t satisfied with the findings, you may appeal by sending a letter to:

CoServ Board of Directors
7701 S Stemmons
Corinth, TX  76210-1842


Weather Policy

Heat advisory
The National Weather Service, Dallas/Ft. Worth is the official heat advisory notification site for North Texas. The National Weather Service defines a heat advisory as follows: maximum heat indices of 105* or higher for two or more consecutive days, with a minimum night temperature of 78* or warmer. During the months of May through October, CoServ Electric will access The National Weather Service's website no later than 8:00 a.m. Monday through Friday to determine if a heat advisory alert has been issued for any county located within CoServ Electric's service area. CoServ Electric will check The National Weather Service's Web site at one-hour intervals throughout the day on any day for which there exists a potential for a heat advisory alert. CoServ Electric will not disconnect electric service on a day that it has confirmed that a heat advisory alert has been posted on The National Weather Service's website for any county located within CoServ Electric's service area.

Inclement Weather
On a day when the previous day’s highest temperature did not exceed 32*F, and the temperature is predicted to remain below 32*F for the next 24 hours, or when the average of the temperatures is below 32*F for a 24 hour period anywhere in our service area (both electric and gas), CoServ will not disconnect a customer until the utility ascertains that no life-threatening condition exists in the customer’s household, or would exist, because of disconnection during severe weather conditions. These will be determined by The National Weather Service reports.