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Customer Service

It’s not every day that you find a utility offering good old-fashioned customer service. You know the kind—a place where you interact with real people (not confusing phone trees). The friendly, local Employees make you feel like much more than a number on an account. And, most of all, they put your interests ahead of their own. Welcome to that company, CoServ Electric. What can we help you with today? 


  • Set Up New Service—If you’re ready to receive electric service from CoServ, we’d love to get you started.
  • FAQ—To track down your answer right away, search our list of frequently asked questions.
  • About Your Bill—Understand the terms on your monthly statement, and learn all the ways you can pay your bill.
  • Payment Options—Choose a payment plan that's right for you. Select from automatic bank draft, online bill pay, and more.
  • Current Rates and Tariff—We offer a tiered rate structure to suit residential, commercial and industrial members’ needs. You may also choose from time-of-use rates. Don’t forget to read our Tariff—CoServ Electric’s official terms of providing power.
  • Interconnecting Your Own Power—Solar panels, wind turbines and other “distributed generation” methods can drastically reduce your energy bill. If you’re seriously considering one of these measures, read our detailed manual on the subject.
  • Report a Non-Emergency Hazard—Do you see a sagging power line or tree limbs too close to power lines?  Complete a Web form, and we'll take care of it.
  • Report a Street Light Outage—Did you notice a street light that is out or blinking? Complete a Web form, and we'll resolve the problem.
  • Report Theft of Energy Services—Have you noticed suspicious activity or see a meter that appears to have been tampered with? Report it using our Theft Hotline, our Web form or e-mail us at

For personal assistance, contact Customer Service. We’re happy to help you.