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Since 2010, CoServ Electric Members have used the Co-op Connections® Card to save more than $643,000 on prescriptions. Today, the card offers even more ways to save.


Your Co-op Connections® Card:

  • Provides discounts  between 10 and 85 percent on most prescriptions
  • Is accepted at more than 70 retail businesses in North Texas
  • Helps you support businesses in your community
  • Offers savings on dental, vision, hearing aids and more


Misplaced your card? Simply click on the REPRINT CARD button below. (CoServ Electric is listed in the drop-down menu, directly beneath Co-Mo Electric.)


Review the Co-op Connections Card Retail Directory for a list of our participating retailers.


For participating pharmacies, click on the Pharmacy Search button below.



Co-op Connections Card
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Search online to find discounted prices (an estimator tool by drug/location) on prescriptions and participating pharmacy locations. To take advantage of our Co-op Connections program, simply find a participating business in your area and present your card to receive discounts.  If you have prescription insurance already, try presenting both your insurance card and your Co-op Connections card for your pharmacist to determine the greater savings. 


The Healthy Savings Program offers Members significant savings on dental, vision, hearing aids, lab and imaging services and chiropractic work. You can save anywhere from 10 to 60 percent on things like contact lenses, LASIK™, root canals, orthodontics and more. 



If you want to take advantage of the Healthy Savings Program discounts, please click the Reprint Card button above. This paper version of your card will have the Healthy Savings details on it (original cards printed 2010-2011 do not). You can simply show the paper version at a participating provider to access substantial savings. To locate providers, call (800) 800-7616 or visit


These programs are just one more way you benefit from being a CoServ Member. As a Touchstone Energy partner, CoServ is always “looking out for you."


Read over our FAQs for details and contact us if you have additional questions.  

Watch how the savings add up!

In February, Members saw prescription savings of $8,525.65. CoServ Members have saved a total of $643,719.05
since the inception of the program in 2010.