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Meter Change-out Process

CoServ Electric carefully designed its eCoGrid meter change-out processes to ensure a smooth transition. Part of the process included clear, consistent communication via direct mail, magazine covers, e-mails, and web advertising so that Members were prepared and knew what to expect.



Meter Change-out Video   

To ensure billing accuracy, additional quality control measures were implemented. CoServ Electric representatives from Texas Meter & Device (TMD) commited to:

  • Arrive in clearly marked vehicles
  • Identify themselves as CoServ Electric representatives from TMD
  • Knock on your door as a courtesy before accessing the meter
  • Conduct a visual inspection of the existing meter and meter base
  • Verify the current and new meter identification
  • Photograph both meters and readings
  • Record the final reading using a hand held computer
  • Remove the current meter
  • Thoroughly examine the socket and internal wiring
  • Conduct a voltage check to ensure safe operating condition
  • Install the new advanced meter
  • Close and lock the meter base cover
  • Leave a door hanger advising the new meter is installed


If any unsafe electrical conditions exist, the installation was tabled and the Member contacted.



If the CoServ Electric representative is unable to complete your meter change-out due to an aggressive animal, locked gate or obstructed access, we will leave a door hanger advising of the reason for the unsuccessful exchange and a telephone number for you to schedule an installation appointment. If your meter has not yet been exchanged, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. Watch the video for more details.  Check out the PUC study on meter accuracy and learn how to read your new meter.


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