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The CoServ eCoGrid:  a new CoServ Electric distribution technology initiative. The initiative, once complete, will consist of a robust two-way communications network, advanced metering, distribution automation, and personal energy management applications. 


To learn more about the project, check out the:

  • Project Timeline—Learn how the CoServ eCoGrid was conceived, and how it progressed on the path to full meter deployment.
  • Proof of Concept—Starting on March 1, 2011, CoServ deployed 20,000 meters across Prosper, Frisco, and Little Elm.  Read details and watch a Member testimonial.
  • eCoGrid Videos—View Member testimonials, the meter change-out process, and the measurement of radio frequency (RF). Explore the video library for a cutting-edge look at new technology.
  • Cyber Security—Explore how CoServ values and protects all Member information and proprietary data, and the lengths we go to prevent security issues while ensuring we follow all privacy regulations.
  • EXPO Information—Learn how CoServ created a traveling, educational road show about eCoGrid and held a number of EXPOs across our service area.
  • Meter Change-out Process—See how CoServ representatives conducted the meter exchange process.
  • Meter Testing Process—Review the new meters' extensive testing and quality control checks.
  • Meter Accuracy and Meter Displays—View the advanced meter settings and displays (residential and commercial).
  • FAQ—A wide spectrum of questions and answers related to the CoServ eCoGrid distribution technology initiative.   
  • Member Communications—Every piece of collateral we’ve mailed to our Members is available for your quick reference if you can’t locate the original.
  • Resources and Studies—Many media reports and Internet sites about advanced meters are inaccurate. View studies from the PUC and other reputable sources. Review CoServ's own testing and videos to  ensure that you have the correct information about the CoServ eCoGrid.
  • Myths versus Facts- Misunderstanding advanced technology can lead to the emergence of urban legends. The case is no different with smart meters. Read the facts about the benefits of a modernized electric grid to consumers like you.


As of April 2013, most of CoServ Electric's 142,000+ Members have already received their advanced meters. You can check the status of your meter installation by logging on to your CoServ Online account and looking for a black, yellow, or green meter icon next to your account number. When your icon turns yellow, your installation is scheduled, and when the icon turns green, your meter has been installed.  



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