Grid Emergency Snapshot

ERCOT uses a multi-level alert system to maintain grid stability. Each Energy Emergency Alert Level requires electric providers to take steps to reduce the demand on the grid.  

Power Watch: Conservation Needed—EEA 1 (Energy Emergency Alert 1) gives ERCOT operators authority to call on all available power supplies, including power from other grids, if available. Under current pilots, some demand response resources also are available at EEA 1.

Power Warning: Conservation Critical; Risk of Rotating Outages—EEA 2 (Energy Emergency Alert 2) is an escalated warning to operators to drop large commercial/industrial load resources that have entered contracts agreeing to be interrupted during an emergency. Voltage reduction may also be called for at EEA 2.  

Power Emergency: Rotating Outages in Progress; Conservation Critical—EEA 3 (Energy Emergency Alert 3) instructs utilities to reduce demand by dropping load through rotating outages to help prevent the risk of a statewide blackout.

Want to receive Energy Emergency Alerts notifications? Download the ERCOT Energy Saver App—find it in the Apple store for Apple mobile devices and in Google Play for Android.