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ERCOT & TOGETHERWESAVE© Apps Promote Energy Savings


The Electric Reliability Council of Texas recently launched the ERCOT Energy Saver Mobile Application. This app is now available for free download on iPhone™ and Android™. The initial version includes current system operating conditions, conservation tips, and an overview of ERCOT. When ERCOT is experiencing high demand and conservation is critical, CoServ Members who install this app will receive real-time consumer-friendly conservation notification messages paired with the Energy Emergency (EEA) notification messages on their devices, if they choose to turn on the notice functionality.


Several days prior, Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives released the TOGETHERWESAVE—Save Energy, Save Money Application, also available for free download on iPhone and Android. Search "Together We Save" in your platform's app provider. CoServ Members will have the access to:


  • Energy-saving tips—including a “tip of the day” reminder of ways Members can conserve energy and reduce costs around their home or office.
  • Appliance calculators—used to discover how much energy appliances are using.
  • Weather notices—Members can receive energy-related notes based on weather in our area.


For more information on the many conservation options available to CoServ Members, please visit the TOGETHERWESAVE section.