The Scenic Route: East

Stop number 3 on our little road trip: Murphy, Texas!

Q&R: Why is my winter energy bill so high?

We answer a question from a Member who noticed a spike in one of their winter bills.

Building Up At-Risk Teens (feat. Journey to Dream)

"We're giving these kids a place where they feel like they are not invisible."

The Scenic Route: North

Starting off the new year with a little road trip up north...

2020: Wrapped Up Like A Gift

Sara and Jason look back at 2020 and share a few highlights from a year we’ll never forget.

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As A Meter Of Fact® is a podcast that helps you get the most out of your experience as a CoServ energy consumer. We tell stories about life in North Texas, provide energy tips to help you save money, and share what we've learned in over 80 years of serving and supporting communities. Listen today and become one of the most informed members of the CoServ community!

As A Meter Of Fact is recorded, produced and hosted by CoServ Employees Sara Ellis and Jason Cress. If you have questions or topics for us to discuss, please email podcast@coserv.com. (You can also use the voice memo app on your phone to record your question and email it to us.)

Happy listening, everyone!