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13 Jul 2017

#CoServ80: Making a federal case against Willie Wiredhand

Filed in a federal court in 1951, the lawsuit accused electric co-ops of copyright infringement and unfair competitive practices.

6 Jul 2017

#CoServ80: Buy an electric range, get a free FM-AM clock radio!

In 1967, a Denton County Electric Cooperative ad encouraged Members to purchase an electric range "to make cooking easier and better."

29 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: Texas Co-op Power magazine is 73 years young

Formerly a tabloid, Texas Co-op Power switched to a magazine format in February 1992, when Denton County Electric Cooperative began publishing local information in its pages.

23 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: Frisco Members capture Texas images

A red barn captures the eye of a CoServ Member who submits the photo to the Texas Co-op Power magazine. 

22 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: 80 years, 4 headquarters for Denton County Electric Cooperative

What do a Cracker Barrel and a parking lot behind a bank off Denton Square have in common?

15 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: 1937 Chevy pickup joins CoServ fleet

CoServ’s newest fleet vehicle is a green 1937 Chevy pickup called "Rosie."

9 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: Members share stories at CoServ's Annual Meeting

Read the stories about these CoServ Members, then tell us your own.

8 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: In 1939, Tarzan found a son, and Denton County Electric Cooperative wanted new Members

More Members were needed to continue the expansion of electric distribution lines to “progressive type” country homes and farms.

1 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: DCEC/CoServ Annual Meeting locations

Since 1975, the University of North Texas Coliseum has served as the main location for the Annual Meeting.

30 May 2017

#CoServ80: DCEC/CoServ Youth Tour participants

Are you a DCEC/CoServ Youth Tour alumnus? We want to hear from you.

26 May 2017

#CoServ80: Different time, same community service

As we celebrate CoServ's 80th anniversary this year, here's a look back at our humble but memorable beginnings. 

19 May 2017

#CoServ80for80: A memory that serves

When the final AMI meter was installed in 2013, Senior Field Tech Bobby Turner must have smiled to himself. Of the new technology, he takes a wait-and-see approach. 

11 May 2017

#CoServ80for80: A brief history of Denton County Electric Cooperative

On May 8, 1937, the Articles of Incorporation for Denton County Electric Cooperative were notarized and filed in the office of the Secretary of State for Texas.

5 May 2017

CoServ to Members: Please share your memories

CoServ is celebrating 80 years of serving North Texas this year. Do you have a favorite story to share with us?

21 Apr 2017

#CoServ80for80: A great place to work

In the 80 years since CoServ began, many have worked together to bring service to a growing North Texas. 

13 Apr 2017

#CoServ80for80: Giving back to those who support us

Like CoServ, giving back to the community is important to former Dallas Cowboy Omar Stoutmire.

7 Apr 2017

#CoServ80for80: Electricity lightened load for women

Everything changed when electricity made its way into rural households. “It was a big advancement for women,” said Barbara Coughran. 

31 Mar 2017

80 for 80: Members thank CoServ for 60 years of service

Clair and Bill Bradford, formerly of Flower Mound, recently shared their appreciation for CoServ. 

1 Mar 2017

Flower Mound history buffs thankful for good service

Sixty years of reliability — that’s what CoServ means to Bill and Clair Bradford.

16 Feb 2017

80 for 80: In 1938, CoServ's 1st energized line connects North Texas farms to electricity

The initial project was for 550 miles of lines in Denton, Cooke, Grayson, Tarrant, Collin and Wise counties, "but it is believed possible that more lines will be erected, as the cost per mile so far has been lower than the original estimates."

13 Jan 2017

CoServ 80 for 80: Memories from a pole digger’s son

One Aubrey resident tells the story, in his own words, of his father's 20-plus years of work with CoServ in the 1940s.

30 Dec 2016

CoServ Member helps CoServ Employee in need

Aubrey resident and CoServ Member Britt Watson offers a helping hand to Paris Caldwell, a CoServ Employee, after he notices her car stopped on the side of the road one recent morning. 

29 Dec 2016

CoServ Member extends helping hand to fellow Member

“There really are great, caring people in this world.”

28 Dec 2016

January 2017: Celebrating 80 years of service

Much has changed over the past eight decades, but the same can-do, neighbors helping neighbors spirit that created CoServ in 1937 remains today.  

27 Sep 2016

George Seals: ‘We thought we were rich’

When a farm family from Ponder connected electric service in 1939, it changed the way they cooked, listened to the radio – even the way they played together.