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Trizna Home Makeover Videos

Energy Audit

Follow Stephen Meers, CoServ’s Energy Management Supervisor, as he conducts a standard energy audit through the Trizna home.CoServ Electric offers complimentary energy audits to Members upon request.  Add a blower door test to your audit for $75. 


If the heat buildup inside your attic is not properly vented out, it can cause your HVAC system to work extra hard and result in temperature fluctuations throughout your house. Watch as we confront this problem in the Trizna house. In addition to adding solar attic fans, the contractor also adds solar screens to reduce the amount of heat entering the home through the windows.

Sealing air leaks around and throughout your home will positively impact your home’s comfort level and reduce your energy bills. In this video, Stephen demonstrates a blower door test.  Watch as the Trizna home is properly sealed.

Energy Star qualified heat pump water heaters can save the average home as much as 50 percent per year in water heating costs compared to a standard electric water heater. Watch as the Trizna’s new energy efficient water heater is installed.