2022 year in review

This year, CoServ celebrated its 85th anniversary so we are taking a look back at the record-breaking growth, milestones and the many ways we are powering community.

Enjoy this look back at 2022.

We’re All Working For You

CoServ is one of the fastest-growing electric cooperatives in the country and our workforce continues to grow along with it. This year CoServ surpassed 500 Employees. We feel fortunate to have a talented and dedicated team of highly trained individuals who put their passion and care into ensuring safe and reliable service for our Members and Customers.


CoServ Gas celebrated the installation of its 150,000th gas meter, making CoServ the fifth largest gas utility in Texas. In combination with electric meters, there are over 440,000 combined meters, making CoServ one of the fastest-growing cooperatives in the country.

Winter Weather

Winter weather hit North Texas in early February and despite the icy roads and freezing temperatures, CoServ Operations crews worked around the clock to ensure the flow of electricity and natural gas continued uninterrupted.

Texas Lineman’s Rodeo

The Texas Lineman’s Rodeo returned to Seguin after a two-year absence for a weekend of friendly competition on the poles and in the barbecue pits. CoServ sent a team of linemen to show off the skills and training they use every day. We also sent a barbecue team who prepared brisket, ribs and chicken.

In the Field

Our number-one goal is to provide reliable electricity service to all our Members whether they are in a newly built home or have been on our lines since the first ones were energized in 1938. This is reflected in our reliability scores, which the industry calls a System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) score.

In 2021, CoServ’s SAIDI score was 34.39, which means the average Member was without power for about 34 minutes. CoServ consistently ranks among the most reliable utilities in the state.

Appreciation Events

This year, CoServ launched a new way to show appreciation to our Members and Customers with the CoServ Corral. These events allowed your Board of Directors and our knowledgeable staff to have face-to-face conversations with you and answer your questions. We also had a little bit of fun along the way with prizes and giveaways. We participate in community events throughout the year because we believe in partnering with the communities we serve and live in.

Academic Initiatives

CoServ has a rich history of Academic Initiatives and 2022 was no different. Our Energy Education Team visited schools almost daily with arcing demonstrations, circuit building activities and Power Race, CoServ’s own trademarked board game. Of course, we showed our appreciation to teachers throughout the school year, gave away scholarships to seniors and sent juniors on the Youth Leadership Tour to Austin and Washington D.C.

CoServ in the Community

CoServ has always been more than an energy company. The CoServ Charitable Foundation provides a vital service to North Texas nonprofits, which was more critical than ever in 2022. From providing air conditioners and fans to nonprofits to providing a record $265,000 specifically for utility assistance, we appreciate everyone who participates in Operation Roundup and CCF fundraiser events.


CoServ Employees have a heart to give back, whether that’s spending time reading to children, building a ramp for the Texas Ramp Project or donating blood to the American Red Cross. CoServ Employees live and work in your community and believe in the cooperative spirit of helping others.