Because you elect fellow CoServ Members to represent you on the Board of Directors, you have a voice in how your electric company is run. Per CoServ Electric's Bylaws, each year, eligible Members can apply to be candidates for election to the Board of Directors, vote in the Board of Directors election and attend the Annual Meeting, where the election results are announced. Ballots are returned to and counted by an independent Election Official. Interested in serving? Article IV of CoServ Electric's Bylaws covers election, tenure, voting districts, terms, nominations and qualifications.

District Notices

Every year, letters giving notice of an election of a CoServ Electric Board Director in two or more of CoServ’s districts are mailed to Members who reside in those districts. Directors are nominated from the districts in which they reside and are elected at-large, meaning they represent all Members—not just those Members who reside in the same district as where the Director resides. 

The District Notices outline the nomination process according to CoServ Electric Bylaws and policies. Information—including deadlines, how to obtain nomination petitions, and other required forms—are included in the notices. 

Article IV of CoServ Electric's Bylaws covers election, tenure, voting districts, terms, nominations and qualifications.

2019 Election Timeline

January 21: Record date for District Notices. (If you became a CoServ Electric Member after this date, you will not receive a District Notice.)  

April 4: Scheduled date for mailing of District Notices to CoServ Electric Members residing in Districts 2 and 7—the Districts from which a Board Director seat is up for election this year.

May 6: Last day to return Director nomination petition packets—the formal application by CoServ Electric Members wishing to be candidates—to CoServ's corporate offices. Packets must be received by 5 p.m.

May 8: Last day for Board candidates to withdraw in writing from the election.

June 24: Scheduled date for mailing of Annual Meeting Notice and ballot to eligible CoServ Electric Members.

July 12: Voting closes at 5 p.m.

July 19: Annual Meeting | Election results announced.