Why Natural Gas

It supplies nearly one-fourth of all energy used in the United States. And, by 2020, consumption will grow another 20 percent. Take a look at why natural gas is so popular—and how you benefit from using it:

  1. It’s efficient. Out of all fossil fuels, natural gas is No. 1 in efficiency. That means less waste and lower utility bills for you. 
  2. It’s clean. If natural gas had a “carbon footprint,” it would be pretty small. In fact, natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, making it the friendliest to our environment.
  3. It’s safe. Today’s modern pipelines are so secure that even the Pentagon, the White House and the Capitol building depend on natural gas for heat. Together, utility and pipeline companies invest nearly $7 billion per year ensuring that we deliver your gas safely.
  4. It’s reliable. Regardless of the weather, you can count on natural gas to heat your home, warm your water, run your clothes dryer or fire up your grill.

Source: American Gas Association