History of CoServ

Back in 1937, your neighborhood was rural. No subdivisions, shopping malls or interstates—just farmland and country roads. The large, investor-owned utilities decided against expanding to your area because it wasn't profitable. So a group of residents formed Denton County Electric Cooperative, which later became known as CoServ, distributing electricity and, starting in 1998, gas. Here is an overview of the past:

MAY 1937: Denton County Electric Cooperative is chartered.

 Near FM 2450, just north of Krum, first lines energized with power from Texas Power & Light, providing electricity to 1,034 Members for .09 cents per kWh.

JULY 1938:
First Annual Meeting conducted, and Members elect the first Board of Directors.

Denton County Electric becomes a member of Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, our current wholesale provider.

AUGUST 1984:
 Headquarters moved from University Drive in Denton to Swisher Road in Corinth.

Denton County Electric begins doing business as CoServ, an abbreviation of “Cooperative Services.”

JULY 1998:
CoServ Gas established.

JANUARY 1999: CoServ Gas signs up first two customers.

SEPTEMBER 1999: Headquarters relocated to 7701 S Stemmons Freeway in Corinth.

APRIL 2004:
 100,000th meter installed, making CoServ the second-largest electric cooperative in Texas.

CoServ Gas sets its 50,000th meter.

JUNE 2007: First full-scale annual report published to show Members CoServ's financial stability and stewardship. 

 CoServ celebrates 70 years of serving our Members—all 120,000 of them.

DECEMBER 2008: CoServ Gas becomes a wholly owned affiliate of CoServ Electric.

DECEMBER 2009:  CoServ Electric sets its 150,000th meter. 

JANUARY 2010: CoServ Gas sets its 70,000th meter.

JANUARY 2012: CoServ Gas sets its 75,000th meter

DECEMBER 2013: CoServ Electric sets its 175,000th meter.

JANUARY 2014: CoServ Gas sets its 85,000th meter.

SEPTEMBER 2015: Official dedication ceremony held for CoServ Solar Station. CoServ begins offering Members a solar rate option. More

JUNE 2016: CoServ Electric sets its 200,000th meter; CoServ Gas sets its 100,000th meter. More

MAY 2017: CoServ celebrates 80 years of service. More