Safety Demos

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We know a thing or two about energy, and we know there’s no better illustration of its power—and danger—than witnessing it firsthand.

This is why we offer arcing demos (short for electric arcing demonstrations) and gas safety demos as a courtesy to area schools, first responder groups and community organizations.

Arcing Demo

In a controlled environment, our Energy Education Technicians safely demonstrate high voltage electrical contact, discuss the fundamentals of electricity and teach how to behave safely around downed power lines.

Gas Safety Demo

Gas Technicians offer a hands-on look at gas regulators and valves and from a safe distance, demonstrate the flammability of natural gas.

They also discuss the basics of natural gas energy, offer safety tips and remind audiences how to respond in an emergency or when they smell gas.

Safety is a CoServ core value, and it’s important enough to share with the communities we serve.

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