Grant Recipients

One of the things that distinguishes the CoServ Charitable Foundation from other nonprofit, grant-providing organizations is the speed with which it operates. CCF dispenses with the sometimes drawn-out grant process by expediting all requests.

Grants are reviewed bimonthly.

The CCF Grant Committee evaluates all funding requests and presents recommendations to the CCF Board of Directors based on these factors:

  • Potential benefit to residents of the CoServ Service Area and the entire community
  • Level of community support for the program, project or organization requesting the funds
  • Fiscal and administrative capability of the organization to deliver a quality service or program
  • Results that are predictable and can be evaluated

Grant applicants are notified promptly of the Board's decisions. Recipients are asked to wait one year before applying again. Those who do not receive grants can apply the following month. If you have any questions about the CCF grant process, please email