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Welcome to CoServ

Welcome, apartment residents! CoServ is proud to provide electricity to nearly 40,000 apartments in North Texas and each of these residents is a valued CoServ Member. We are here to serve you with reliable service at a fair price. Establishing your account and accessing it online through SmartHub is simple. Just follow the steps below.


Setting up service

  • Step 1: Sign up for Service and Register your SmartHub Account
  • Step 2: Once logged in to SmartHub, you can:
    • Sign up for Paperless Billing
    • Enroll in Auto Pay
    • Track your energy usage
  • Step 3: Download the CoServ App on your mobile device to stay in the know and on the go!

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Email contact@coserv.com or chat with us here.


  • What makes CoServ different?
    • CoServ stands apart from other electric utilities in North Texas because of our reliability, our Employees and the CoServ Charitable Foundation, which gives back to our community through grants and, since the pandemic began, the CCF COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.
    • Electric utilities use the SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) as a reliability indicator. It is calculated by multiplying the total duration of power outages by the number of Members affected, then dividing that number by the total Members served. The lower the store, the better.

      CoServ is one of the most reliable utilities in the state and it shows in our SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) score. For 2019, CoServ’s SAIDI score was 32.5, which means the average CoServ Member was without power for about 30 minutes. The graphic below shows how CoServ stacks up to other utilities in Texas. In 2020, CoServ made improvements to its SAIDI score again. Click here to read more.

  • What is a co-op?
    • The cooperative model is different. Unlike investor-owned utilities, CoServ Electric is owned by the people we serve. Members receive money back in the form of Capital Credits, elect their Board of Directors and participate in the Annual Meeting.

  • How do CoServ rates compare?
    • The North Texas airwaves are full of advertisements from retail electric providers offering different rates and plans but if you look closely, there's usually a catch somewhere in the fine print. If you're in the CoServ service territory, you don't need to worry about any of that. CoServ offers a low, affordable Standard Residential Rate to all our Members regardless of how long they’ve been on our lines.
    • CoServ also has two additional rate plans to give our residential Members options, including those in apartments. Our new Solar Savings Rate gives you 100-percent renewable energy without having to install a single solar panel. Want more control over what you pay in the heat of summer? Our new Summer Savings Rate might be right for you.


Giving back to the community

We’re ready to help. Operation Roundup® “rounds up” your bill to the nearest dollar, with the extra pennies going to the CoServ Charitable Foundation. The average donation is $6 per year, but the pennies add up: Since 2004, more than $13 million has been distributed to worthy causes in our communities. (To opt out, click here.)


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