Burned Veterans Bill Payment Assistance Program

In conjunction with Senate Bill 981, CoServ Electric pledges bill-payment assistance for U.S. military veterans burned in combat* of up to $100 per month during May through October with the credit adjustments reflected on the following billing statement. Military medical facility certification is required to determine eligibility, and annual renewal is required for program participation.

This discount only applies to one CoServ Electric account, and only the account of the applicant’s current primary residence is eligible. The discount will apply even if service at the veteran’s primary residence is not in his or her name. The discount may not result in a credit balance (for example, if a bill is $75, the discount will be $75, not $100).

Veterans living in the CoServ Electric service area who wish to apply should print and complete the application linked below. The lower portion of the application must be completed by a physician and submitted to CoServ to initiate program enrollment.

Veterans' Discount Links

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*Eligibility: Military veterans who have significantly decreased abilities to regulate their body's core temperature because of severe burns received during armed conflict or in combat. For assistance at any time of the year, Veterans (or any Member or Customer who has fallen on hard times) can contact one of seven CoServ Charitable Foundation social service agency partners to apply for assistance.