Electric Rates and Tariff

Review our different rate structures (shown below), designed to meet your individual needs. Then, read the rest of our Tariff1—CoServ Electric’s official terms of providing power.

1 The CoServ Electric Tariff is subject to change and amendment from time to time as authorized and approved by our Board of Directors. We will make every effort to promptly update the Tariff on this website.

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Commercial Rates

Applicable to all Members having less than 35 kW of maximum demand taking the type of service described in this rate schedule for all of the electric service supplied at one point of delivery and measured through one meter used for all commercial purposes.

Customer Charge $25.00 per meter      
Energy Charge (November–April) Energy Charge (November–April)
  November 2018   December 2018
  Base rate per kWh   $0.135544   Base rate per kWh   $0.135544
  MINUS the PCRF $0.036   MINUS the PCRF $0.035
    = $0.099544 per kWh     = $0.100544 per kWh
A Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF) allows CoServ to adjust for changes in wholesale fuel costs. Because wholesale costs can fluctuate from month to month, CoServ uses the PCRF to more accurately calculate your bill. When our wholesale power costs go up, the PCRF increases, and vice versa. If the PCRF is a negative (as it has been since May 2009), we subtract it from the base rate to calculate your bill.