How safe is natural gas?What are the benefits of natural gas compared to other energy sources?What are the small flags and paint marks that I see on the side of the road?Who do I call if I smell gas near my home or business?I plan to dig on my property as part of a home-improvement project. Are there any precautions I should take?I have a sign posted in my back yard marking a gas line. Can I take this down?What do I do if I think my meter is inaccurate? What if the meter is causing me to be overcharged?I just installed a pool. Do I need a new gas meter?Can a gas meter be moved after CoServ has already installed it?Who do I call to report a gas outage?Who do I contact if I have a question about my account?Someone at my location will become ill if we don’t have gas service. How can we receive top priority in an outage?Who is responsible for the gas line in my yard?How is CoServ Gas involved in the community?When are the origins of this project?Why did CoServ decide to invest in advanced metering and distribution technology?What is CoServ’s definition of distribution automation?Will advanced meters enable CoServ to shut off or reduce power to my home to meet the needs of Commercial Members?I heard that the Public Utility Commission of Texas approved a rule for an opt-out program in Texas. As a CoServ Member, can I opt out of having an advanced meter?Do routers increase the level of radio frequency (RF) since they are transmitting and receiving data from multiple directions?Why is CoServ deploying CoServ eCoGrid via the myecogrid portal?Will CoServ control the amount of power used in my home or the time- of- power use without my permission?What if my house/business is closer to one of your router locations? When you install the new meter, will there be more RF emissions present due to the fact some because other meters in my area are communicating with the router near my location?If I want to start saving money by reducing my energy use, what steps can I take?Some electric providers' customers have complained about these meters. Why would CoServ deploy them in our area?Will smart appliances be compatible with the CoServ eCoGrid? If so, when?I need to replace an appliance, and I’m interested in building a home area network (HAN) to better manage my energy consumption. Which smart appliances are compatible with my advanced meter?How did CoServ ensure that my old meter was read correctly and the new meter is accurate?Will this advanced meter allow the government to control my energy use, HVAC and appliances now or in the future?Can this meter measure and/or control the amounts of energy specific appliances are using in my home/business?Which meter manufacturer did CoServ use?When will I be able to see my usage on an hourly or near real-time basis through my CoServ Online account? I’ve heard that advanced meters can individually identify electrical devices inside the home and record when they are operated. Is this an invasion of privacy?Some people believe that “smart meters” are, by definition, surveillance devices. Does CoServ agree with this assertion?I’m concerned that advanced metering information or databases may be shared with, or fall into the hands of unauthorized parties. How do you address this issue?Advanced meters have wireless communication technology. Can the wireless signals be intercepted by unauthorized and unknown parties?Can advanced meters monitor household activity and occupancy?What does CoServ do with the information from my meter?What effect has the CoServ eCoGrid project had on electric rates?Will eCoGrid enable CoServ to charge more at peak times? Will CoServ force me to participate in a time-based rate program?Where can I obtain accurate information regarding Radio Frequency (RF) and smart meters?How do RF emissions levels of smart meters compare to other common electronic devices?Can advanced meters affect my hearing aid or pacemaker?What do you do to prevent outages?What are the benefits of CoServ Electric membership?What’s the difference between a not-for-profit cooperative, like CoServ Electric, and a for-profit electric company?I don’t have choice in electricity providers, and I want a provider with lower rates. Why can’t I choose?On your website, the Tariff lists your rate at 12.9 cents per kWh. Is this your actual rate?How do I set up new service?How do I set up new service?Why is my electric bill so high? How can I lower it? What bill-pay options do I have?What bill-pay options do I have?What should I do if I can’t pay my bill on time?Why does CoServ charge a late fee for not paying on time? How do I restore service after being disconnected for not paying my bill? How do I report a power disruption? How do I report a street light outage? What should I do if I smell gas near my home or business? I’m working on a home improvement project, and I plan to dig on my property. Are there any precautions I should take? What are the different charges on my bill? When can I expect to receive my bill? What is PCRF? How are your rates determined? Someone at my location uses life-sustaining equipment powered by electricity. How can we receive top priority in an outage? My location is too far away from your power lines to receive service. What should I do? I experience frequent power surges or unexplained outages. What should I do?What do I do if I think my meter reading is inaccurate or my meter is defective? What are Capital Credits? What is ERCOT? What is an ERCOT Energy Emergency, and how does CoServ comply? CoServ Electric is not deregulated, so why does it comply with ERCOT mandates? What would happen if conservation and rolling blackouts did not alleviate the drain on the electric grid? Will city services, such as police, fire, and administrative offices, be exempt? My account is a “critical care” account. How would a rolling blackout affect me? Can CoServ post a schedule in the event rolling blackouts become necessary? If ERCOT requires rolling outages, how long will they last?Why do you need to trim trees? How often do you trim trees? Why are trees cut the way they are? I see something that may be a hazard, how do I notify you? Why can’t you put all distribution lines underground? My neighborhood electrical lines are buried, but I have a big green box in my yard. Can I plant shrubs or flowers around it? Who performs the work? Are there any alternatives to having my trees pruned? Can I prune my own trees? I would like to have a tree removed, but I think it may be too close to the power lines. What should I do? Will I be notified before you perform tree work in the area? Why don’t tree trimmers round over the tree to make it look nicer? Who do I contact if I have a question about my account? How do I see outages in my area?I opened the Outage Map page, but the map is not displaying.How can I tell when my power will be restored?I see shading on the map—how do I view details about my outage?When I type in my address in the “Go to an Address” field, the map does not zoom in on my address.How frequently is information updated?What is an ETR?Does the map reflect only CoServ outages?Is the Outage Map available for smartphones?What browsers support viewing the map?What information displays on the map?What happens during a storm or large-scale disruption event?Why can't the map find my address?What does the "Cause" field in the outage information box mean?What is the difference between "Members Affected" and "Members Served" in the CoServ County and City Outages summary tables?There is a date and time listed for my outage as "Start Time." What does this mean?What is a “Planned Outage?”What does “Equipment Failure” mean?What causes “Equipment Damage?”What does “System Issue” mean?Weather can cause outages?What does the outage cause “Power Supply” mean in the outage summary box?Where’s Online Bill Pay?If I’m already registered, do I have to register again?What is the online CoServ account?Where is my online CoServ account?How does it work?How much usage data is accessible?Why should I fill out a profile?Why should I fill out the marker?Why has CoServ’s webpage changed?What’s changed?Where do I find the information that used to be under the "About CoServ" tab?How do I get back to the Home page?Where is the information for Electric and Gas, which each used to have its own tabs?Where’s the Online Bill Pay button?What’s INSIDE THE LINES?When are CoServ Electric Board of Directors elections held?How do I know which Board of Directors district seats are up for election?How does CoServ inform Members that the board seat for the Members’ district is up for election?How do I become a candidate for the CoServ Electric Board of Directors?Who signs the Director nomination petition?What is the due date for nomination petitions?How do I know if I’m qualified to be a Director?Are Directors public officials?Who do Directors represent?How are votes counted and certified?What if a candidate disagrees with the election outcome?What time commitment is required to serve on the Board?How much training and travel is involved?Do Directors draw a salary?What are rotating outages?When do they occur?How will I know when ERCOT calls an event?Is the possibility of such outages greater this summer? If so, why?Is CoServ prepared for the possibility of a rotating outage?Has ERCOT called a rotating outage before?What can I do to prepare for this?How much electricity will a solar system produce?Can I go off the grid with solar panels?Will I still get a CoServ electric bill after my solar system is installed?Can I go solar without purchasing a new solar system?How does CoServ’s Certified Solar Installation Program benefit me?What is 'distributed generation' and what is CoServ's policy regarding DG?How do I know if my home is suitable for solar?Can I put a solar system somewhere else other than my roof?Can a solar system supply all my home’s electricity needs?Will I be able to produce power during an outage?What size solar system do I need?What is the distributed generation (DG) fee?Will a solar PV system lower my electric bill?What is net metering?Does CoServ participate in net metering?What happens if my solar system produces more electricity than my home uses over an entire billing period?What should I expect to pay for a solar system?What rebates and incentives are available to me?Do I have to choose a CoServ Certified Installer to claim the solar rebate?I installed a solar PV system in 2018 before CoServ announced the Certified Solar Installation Program. Can I get the CoServ solar rebate?I installed a solar PV system with a contractor who is not part of the CoServ Certified Solar Installation Program or who did not follow all the requirements of this program. Can I get the CoServ solar rebate?Does the CoServ rebate affect the amount of the federal tax credit I receive for installing solar?Does CoServ finance solar electricity systems?Will my system qualify for a federal income tax credit?My installer sent me a check for a credit after installing the system. Is this taxable income?How long do solar panels last?What warranties are normally included with a new solar system?Is the federal tax credit refundable?What is 'distributed generation' and what is CoServ's policy regarding DG?


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