Gas Rates and Tariff

CoServ Gas, like other Texas gas utilities, does not mark up the price of natural gas for a profit. Rather, our revenue comes from the cost of delivering gas to your home or business.

During the December through May billing periods, you'll notice a line item called the Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA)—which affects the monthly Ccf usage charge. The WNA is standard within the natural gas utility industry and protects both the Customer and the gas provider. A November 2012 letter from the Railroad Commission of Texas to CoServ Gas states that the current WNA will "benefit Customers by reducing the occurrence of unintended large charges during abnormally cold weather periods that the WNA is in effect."

The calculation is based on normal temperatures, and it provides an adjustment if temperatures are colder or warmer than normal. When weather is colder than normal, the WNA will reduce the Ccf usage charge to a normal level. When weather is warmer than normal, it will increase the Ccf usage charge to a normal level.

If you'd like more information, please review the WNA FAQ. You can also learn more about your CoServ Gas billpayment options and view the CoServ Gas tariff on the Railroad Commission of Texas website.

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