Maintenance and Safety

Customer Yardlines

CoServ Gas maintains the gas line in your yard up to the point it reaches your meter. If your meter is mounted away from your house, the pipe between the meter and house is Customer-owned and is your responsibility to maintain. If this pipe is not maintained, it may become subject to the potential hazards of corrosion and leakage. Customers are responsible for periodically inspecting pipes for corrosion and leakages and making repairs if unsafe conditions exist. Pipes can also be cut or damaged by excavation. When a Customer calls 811, a locator service will come out and mark utility-owned lines, but they do not mark Customer-owned lines beyond the meter. If you plan to dig around your gas line or ours, you should always dig by hand. It may be necessary to contact a plumber to locate or inspect your yardline and make repairs if needed.

Excess Flow Valves

Excess flow valves are safety devices that will shut off the gas flowing through your service line if the line is cut or damaged. As an added protective measure, CoServ Gas has installed an excess flow valve on the line that serves each residential Customer at no extra charge.

Privacy Statement

All information required by CoServ Gas to establish your account is kept completely confidential and is not given or sold for any reason except as required by regulatory authorities or by valid subpoena. CoServ Gas has the right to request personal information in order to verify the identity of the caller requesting account information.

Rates and Service Information

Our service rules and applicable tariffs are available at no charge upon request. Contact Customer Care at (940) 321-7800 or to request a copy.