Your Gas Bill

Itemized bills are mailed approximately every 30 days. (Paperless bill notification is available.) Balances are payable when rendered and should be paid on or before the due date, which is a minimum of 16 days from mailing. The due date is clearly indicated on the bill. Any payment received after the due date is considered late and a paper disconnection notice will be issued. The unpaid balance is due within 10 days from the date the disconnection notice is issued.

Failure to receive a bill does not exempt a Customer from responsibility to make payment. Please contact Customer Care if you fail to receive a statement within 30 days of initiating gas service, or if you ever have difficulty receiving statements.

Your Gas Meter

A gas meter measures and records the amount of gas used in Ccfs (a Ccf represents 100 cubic feet). Your meter is read on approximately the same date each month. The meter readings for the previous and present months appear on each bill to allow you to monitor your monthly gas usage.

Reading Your Gas Meter

For instructions on how to read your gas meter, contact us at (940) 321-7800.

Request a Meter Test

If you have a question regarding meter accuracy, a meter test will be performed at your request. CoServ Gas will inform you of the time of the test so you or your representative may be present. The test is performed free of charge if a previous test has not occurred within the last four years for you at the same location. If a test has been performed within the last four years, a charge will be billed to you per the terms of our tariff.

If the meter test indicates that the meter is more than nominally defective, the fee will be refunded. “More than nominally defective” means a deviation of more than two percent from accurate registration. An adjustment may be made to your account reflecting a charge or a credit, depending on whether the meter under or over registered.