Electric Energy Plans

Choose the rate plan that best suits your life. Whether you want to structure your energy plan around your working schedule or support renewable energy, the power in your home now, more than ever, rests with you.

Home Energy Plans

  • Standard Residential—In 1938, CoServ—then Denton County Electric Cooperative—provided electricity for 9 cents a kilowatt hour. Not much has changed since then.
  • Time of Use—Do you keep unusual hours? Consider the Time-of-Use rate plan, which seasonally features different rates for different times of day.
  • Solar—Purchase blocks of the sun's energy from the 2 MW AC CoServ Solar Station. The Krugerville farm that once yielded crops of peanuts now yields energy to power your home.
  • Wind—Texas is leading the nation in wind energy and each year, wind supplies more of the energy Texans use. By signing up for CoServ's wind energy plan, you can support this fast-growing type of renewable energy.
  • Rolling Average BillingFor residential Members with 12 months CoServ service and a zero balance