Residential Meter Display

CoServ's residential meters incorporate advanced technology, two-way communication capability and a digital display. These meters are programmed to function through five normal, rotating cycles:

  • Segment Check
  • Total kWh
  • Max KW Demand
  • Service Switch Status
  • Gridstream System

Segment Check

Segment checks occur when the meter tests itself to ensure all segments in the display are functioning properly. During a segment check, the display shows all 8s. If the segments are not displaying properly, the meter will show an error message. Though error messages are communicated to CoServ electronically, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your meter’s display.

Total kWh

The meter cycle shows the total kilowatt hours used since the meter was installed. During this cycle, the left 3 digits on the display show "001," and the numbers on the right will display the total kWh usage recorded by the meter.

Max kW Demand

When the left three digits on your advanced meter show "002," the number on the right is the maximum kW reading.

Service Switch Status

"CLS" indicates the meter is in the closed position and power is being delivered to the Member. "OPN" indicates the meter is in the open position and power is not being delivered to the Member. This will occur if  service has been disconnected. If neither of these displays are present, it may indicate a power outage; contact us for assistance.

Gridstream System

"GSS" (Gridstream System) is a reading that is for internal use only

If you have questions about the CoServ's Advanced Metering, please read the FAQ and review the PUC meter accuracy study. To learn more about how CoServ protects its Members' confidential information and data, view our Privacy Policy.

*Larger residences may be equipped with commercial meters.