Growth Area 2—Stonebrook

#CoServ2020 is a communications initiative designed to keep CoServ Members, Customers and communities informed about plans and projects to serve the increased energy demand prompted by the extraordinary commercial and residential growth in CoServ's service territory. This page focuses on Growth Area 2-Stonebrook. Click here for details and updates about other growth areas.

CoServ has identified the need for a new substation and transmission line to serve growing load and maintain reliability in Frisco, north of Lebanon Road and west of the Dallas North Tollway. 

When CoServ identifies new substation needs, we contact our wholesale generation and transmission provider, Brazos Electric Cooperative, to help determine potential substation sites and to assess potential power transmission requirements to serve the proposed substation. Serving the new substation will require expanding the reach of existing transmission through a Public Utility Commission (PUC) process called a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN)

PROJECT HISTORY: In August 2013, as required by the PUC, Brazos notified landowners affected by proposed transmission routes along Main Street and Stonebrook Parkway. Public feedback prompted a re-evaluation of routes and research into alternatives. Over the next 16 months, CoServ and Brazos personnel worked diligently with leadership of Frisco, Little Elm and The Colony and engaged with various residential, city, county, state and federal sources to identify and evaluate several route options. Serving the future energy needs of our communities is CoServ's responsibility and priority.


PUC Docket No. 44060

  • June 2016 PUC document: Application of Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. to Amend a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity for a 138-kV Transmission Line in Denton County
  • June 2016 PUC document: Draft order (unsigned) for Application of Brazos Electric to amend a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity
  • May 2016 Inside the Lines blog post: #CoServ2020: PUC approves construction of underground transmission line in Frisco
  • Dallas Morning News article: Landmark deal for underground transmission line OK'd along Frisco's Main Street
  • April 2016 Dallas Morning News article: Decision on Frisco's transmission delayed a second time
  • March 2016 Frisco Enterprise article: PUC not convinced yet: Frisco, Little Elm still pushing Brazos power line issues
  • March 2016 Community Impact article: PUC delays decision on Frisco power lines agreement
  • March 2016 CoServ news release: Frisco transmission line ruling delayed
  • March 2016 Dallas Morning News article: Frisco’s controversial transmission line case goes before PUC on Thursday
  • February 2016 Dallas Morning News article: Proposal before PUC calls for Frisco to share $24.4 million cost of power line under Main Street
  • February 2016 Inside the Lines blog post: #CoServ2020: Focused on growth and reliability
  • February 2016 joint news release: Public Utility Commission hearing March 3; Frisco, Brazos Electric, PUC staff support burying the lines
  • February 2016 Community Impact article: Frisco, Brazos reach power lines agreement
  • February 2016 PUC website: Stipulation settlement filed with the PUC 
  • February 2016 Frisco Enterprise article: Transmission line hearing delayed until March 3 as Frisco, Brazos Electric, PUC staff near settlement
  • February 2016 Dallas Morning News article:  Settlement calls for burying transmission lines along Frisco's Main Street
  • February 2016 PUC website: Proposal for Decision delayed (Docket No. 44060)
  • January 2016 Frisco 'Bury the Lines' fight continues
  • December 2015: Community Impact article: Battle over buried power lines nearing the end
  • December 2015: Response to letter from Senator Jane Nelson by Commissioner Donna L. Nelson on Dec. 7 regarding delay hearing of PUC Docket No. 44060 from Dec. 17, 2015, until Feb. 11, 2016.
  • December 2015 Community Impact article: Frisco power lines meeting moved to February
  • November 2015 Community Impact article: Judges recommend building overhead power lines along Main Street
  • November 2015 Dallas Morning News article: Judges recommend west Frisco transmission line be built above ground on Main Street
  • November 2015: Proposal for Decision released on Nov. 9, 2015
  • July 2015 Frisco Enterprise article: Frisco City Council outlaws overhead power lines in medians, rights-of-way
  • July 2015 Dallas Morning News article: Frisco to Brazos: Burying power line can be cost-efficient
  • June 2015: Objections to Intervenor direct testimony made by Brazos Electric.
  • May 2015: Deadline for Intervenor direct testimony or statement of position was May 27, 2015.
  • April 2015: Applicant's direct testimony made on April 13, 2015.
  • January 2015: Brazos filed the  Stonebrook Transmission & Substation Project CCN application with the PUC on Jan. 15, 2015. Affected residents had 45 days to intervene. Click on the image above for a detailed map of proposed routes in the study area. Click here to learn how you can have a voice in the CCN process.
  • January 2015 Dallas Morning News article: West Frisco to Texas' electric power regulators: 'Bury the lines'
  • January 2015 Inside the Lines blog: Brazos files Stonebrook CCN application
  • January 2015 Public Utility Commission of Texas: CCN application of Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. (Case 44060)
  • December 2014 Dallas Morning News article: Brazos to file application with PUC for Frisco project in mid-January
  • December 2014 Inside the Lines blog: Brazos to file Stonebrook CCN in January
  • November 2014 Frisco Enterprise article: Residents demand proposed transmission lines be buried
  • November 2014 Dallas Morning News article: Frisco, residents push to bury new power line
  • October 2014 Inside the Lines blog: Brazos filing with PUC will include underground, overhead transmission options
  • Infrastructure expansion throughout service territory