Growth Area 6—Oak Point

#CoServ2020 is a communications initiative designed to keep CoServ Members, Customers and communities informed about plans and projects to serve the increased energy demand prompted by the extraordinary commercial and residential growth in CoServ's service territory. This page focuses on Growth Area 6-Oak Point. Click here for details and updates about other growth areas.

CoServ has identified the need for a new substation and transmission line to serve the growing communities of Oak Point, Little Elm, and Lakewood Village pocketed inside the northern fingers of Lewisville Lake. 

When CoServ identifies infrastructure needs, we contact our wholesale generation and transmission provider, Brazos Electric Cooperative, to help determine potential substation sites and to assess potential power transmission line routes. After potential routes are identified and meetings with civic leaders and property owners are held, Brazos will file a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC). The PUC decides whether a new transmission line is needed and where it will be located. Click here to learn more about the CCN process and how you can participate it once it begins.

Brazos Electric, CoServ and Cox | McLain Environmental Consulting conducted informational meetings in May with civic leaders and property owners to discuss the project and answer questions. Both meetings were conducted at Oak Point Elementary School in Oak Point. Seven people attended the civic leader meeting May 21; 94 people attended the property owner meeting May 28. Brazos expects to file a CCN application with the PUC in September.


PUC Docket No. 45170