It’s our responsibility to keep the lights on. Our core business objective is to reliably deliver quality electric service to you ... at a low-cost, coupled with outstanding customer service. CoServ designs, builds, and maintains this system with you in mind—knowing that you count on us. Each department strives to ensure your satisfaction, but we also recognize the need for new technology, a systematic approach, and trained Employees dedicated to Power Quality & Reliability (PQ&R). Learn more:

  • CoServ 2020—CoServ is growing right along with the communities that make up North Texas. Our planning starts years in advance of the moving vans that bring new neighbors. Learn how the process works.
  • Power Fluctuations—Have you experienced an unexplained outage or fluctuation? Learn how our experienced technicians can work with you to enhance the power quality in your home or business.
  • Surge Protection—Adverse voltage is an abnormal change in voltage, known as a sag when the voltage dips or a spike when the voltage rises; learn how you can protect your home/business and electrical appliances within from this phenomenon.
  • Vegetation Management—Our certified arborist and Operations Employees work to reduce/prevent outages from trees, shrubs, and vegetation creating unsafe situations with our infrastructure.

The benefits of PQ&R are for all of us, in the form of cost savings, increased Employee and public safety, and most importantly, enhanced Member satisfaction as CoServ strives to become a PQ&R industry leader.