Power Quality Program

At CoServ, we run a tight ship when it comes to the reliability of your electric service. We keep our equipment in tip-top shape and continually improve our state-of-the-art outage response technologies. Even still, a small percentage of Members experience unexplained outages or fluctuations that we call “power quality” issues.

To resolve these challenges, sometimes CoServ must make adjustments on our end—but most times, the difficulty lies with the equipment at the Member’s location (such as inadequate wiring or grounding).

A power quality issue may be the culprit if you consistently experience any of these symptoms:

For residential Members:

  • Telephone static
  • Television screen flickering; volume or screen brightness/contrast changing by itself
  • Radio stations fading in and out
  • Remote control appliances (such as TVs, fireplaces, security gates, etc.) turning on or off by themselves
  • Or any of the following …

For commercial and industrial Members:

  • Unexplained reduction in computer processing speed
  • Data errors  
  • Computer lock-up
  • Component failures
  • Overloaded wiring

Recognize a few of these clues? Here’s the good news—we employ a group of technicians who solve power quality problems every day. Our experts will help you uncover the root of the issue. Contact Customer Care and let us know that you may be having power quality issues. After a preliminary assessment, a technician will visit your home, business or construction site and make recommendations for:

  • Facility planning
  • Protective devices
  • Grounding
  • Earth referencing
  • Harmonics mitigation
  • Power factor correction
  • Voltage levels and specifications

Even if your power quality is fine, you should proactively protect your electronics by heeding this advice:

  • Schedule a qualified electrician to visit your home. Ask him/her to enhance your home’s electrical grounding and to verify that all your electrical connections are torqued per manufacturer recommendations.
  • Buy a whole-house surge suppressor. This will absorb the brunt of the energy during a lightning strike or adverse voltage conditions. Remember to protect more than just your electric line, though. Fluctuations can enter your home through telecommunications and TV coaxial lines, as well. For the highest-quality products, check or www.Leviton.com. Ask their customer service staff to help you find the right equipment for your situation.
  • Buy point-of-use protective devices. Even when using a whole-house protective device, some low-level energy may slip by and damage your television, computer, refrigerator or other appliance. That’s why you also need special devices on all critical appliances. For the highest-quality products, check www.Leviton.com. Ask their customer service staff to help you find the right equipment for your situation.
  • Unplug appliances and electronics during thunderstorms. If you can’t afford a protective devices or just want one more level of safety, unplug everything from the wall when you see lightning.

Here’s how CoServ works to keep your power problem-free:

  • We continually monitor the voltage in our systems.
  • We use regulating devices to maintain consistent voltage.
  • We keep our circuits load-balanced.
  • We use special equipment that helps protect against lightning strikes on our lines.
  • We improve system performance by constantly enhancing the “grounding” of our equipment.

Find out more about the steps CoServ takes to increase reliability of your electric service. If you’re a commercial/industrial Member, learn trouble-shooting electricity tips in the free EnergyLine Newsletter.