Transfer of Service for some Sanger residents

You may have noticed several CoServ and City of Sanger crews in your neighborhood recently. Don't be alarmed. The City of Sanger and CoServ Electric recently discovered that Sanger unintentionally installed infrastructure and provided electric service to electric consumers within portions of CoServ’s certified service territory. We're preparing for a changeover of electric service providers for these homes. 

The transfer of service is not scheduled to begin until this fall for affected homes in portions of Lake Ridge Estates, Southwest Estates and Quail Run. (Affected property owners have been notified by mail.) We'll update this page closer to the project's start date and as any new information arises. In the meantime, we are excited to welcome our new Sanger Members and are making every effort to minimize service interruptions and other inconveniences that may occur during this transition.

For more details about this project, please review the FAQ below, chat with us, email contact@coserv.com or call us at (940) 321-7800. To contact the City of Sanger, call (940) 458-7930 or email utilitybilling@sangertexas.org.

KNOW THE FAQs                                                             

Why is this transfer of electric service providers happening?

The City of Sanger and CoServ recently discovered that Sanger unintentionally installed infrastructure and has been providing electric service to consumers within a portion of CoServ’s certified service territory. This is not permitted by state law, and the transfer of service will put Sanger and CoServ in compliance with the law.

Why is my home affected while others in my subdivision are not?

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) designated municipal/cooperative service territories decades ago, often pre-dating residential development. Within many subdivisions, after homes are built, it is not uncommon for one side of the street to be served by one utility and the other side served by another.

Will there be power outages because of this project?

Yes. The transfer of service will require de-energizing one line while installing the other. Affected residents can expect a disruption in service, the length of which will vary depending on the work being done. We will notify you of the date and the approximate length and time this outage will take place.

Do I need to set up a CoServ account?

Your account will be set up by CoServ, and a CoServ Customer Care Specialist will contact you to confirm account details.

Will there be any charges to me for this transfer?

Normally, new CoServ Electric Members pay a $15 Membership fee and a refundable deposit not to exceed one-sixth of their home’s annual electric bill or $105. Because of the unusual circumstances of your membership, CoServ is absorbing all fees and waiving the deposits.

What rate options do I have with CoServ?

CoServ offers several different rates, including time-of-use and renewable options – all are listed online.

Can I continue to receive service from the City of Sanger if I want to?

No. By state law, CoServ and Sanger are obligated to serve consumers in their respective certified service territories.

When is work expected to begin?

The actual transfer of service is not scheduled to begin until October, at the earliest. However, during the planning phase of the project this summer, you are likely to see CoServ and City of Sanger employees inspecting and verifying facilities in your neighborhood.