$5,000 CoServ grant will cover A Christian Food Pantry's expenses for a month

$5,000 CoServ grant will cover A Christian Food Pantry's expenses for a month

The CoServ Charitable Foundation donated $5,000 to A Christian Food Pantry in Plano, enough for them to buy food and pay rent and utilities for a month. Photo: JASON CRESS / CoServ


A Christian Food Pantry serves about 700 families every week at its food bank in Plano.  

The organization's mission – to bring smiles and hope to families and show them what grace looks like, feels like and tastes like - aligns with that of the CoServ Charitable Foundation, which is to support basic human needs.

On Feb. 11, CCF awarded $5,000 to A Christian Food Pantry to help buy food for those in need. This is the first time CCF has awarded a grant to the organization.

Walt Webking, president of the pantry, said this will be enough money to pay for food, rent, utilities and other expenses for A Christian Food Pantry for a month.

“Even though North Texas is pretty affluent, there are a lot of hungry people in the area,” Walt said. “You wouldn’t think that by looking around here.”

The CoServ Charitable Foundation (CCF) focuses on meeting basic human needs, promoting community vitality and supporting education. Since CCF was established in 2004, more than $12 million has been distributed to worthy causes across North Texas. Funding for most of the grants comes from CoServ customers through Operation Roundup® – a program where customers “round up” their monthly utility bill to the nearest dollar. For a detailed list of all CCF grant recipients and to find out how your organization can apply for a grant, please visit CoServ.com/CCF.


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