Q&R: Why are overhead lines still a thing?

Back in the 1930s when CoServ first started, overhead power lines were a sign of progress. How do people feel about them in 2020?

When CoServ Met Sally

Stories from a recent trip to Alabama where CoServ crews helped restore power after a hurricane.

Q&R - [Almost] All your questions about natural gas, answered

Our latest Q&R, coming at you with everything you’ve ever wondered about natural gas. Well almost...

Digging Deep: The 411 on 811 Day

Happy 811 Day! Let's dig into this awesome free service and learn a bit about CoServ Gas.

The Heat Is On (Yuck)

The wrath of Texas is upon us, but fans might be a secret weapon.

Q&R - Squirrels, Birds, and Johnny Cash

A listener asks "How do squirrels walk on power lines and not get zapped?"

Q&R - How can I help my local lineworkers during an outage?

We answer a question about how people can help their local linemen during an outage and other situations.

The 45ft High Office

Do you have what it takes to be a lineworker?

Snake Fence

There's a snake in our substation.

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