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CoServ addresses extreme weather concerns

CoServ addresses extreme weather concerns


While CoServ Electric does not yet know all the costs associated with this extreme weather event, we recognize our Members are concerned about receiving an electric bill that is higher than usual.

We fully understand this concern and want to reiterate two things:

  1. You will always only pay for the electricity you use.
  2. You are never charged for usage during the time your electricity is off due to a rotating outage or when it is impacted by the weather.

The CoServ Electric Board of Directors has decided that the rate set on Feb. 1, which includes the Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF), will remain the same for February and March. The rate details, including the PCRF, can be found here: Residential Rate—CoServ.

Should the PCRF be adjusted following the month of March, we will work to minimize any impacts on you, our Members. This decision by our Board will ensure that you do not receive exorbitant bills as has been reported about other electric providers.

With the extremely low temperatures sustained during the weather event, some Members will see an increase in their total bill—that increase only reflects the higher use of electricity, not a higher rate per kilowatt-hour.

For 84 years CoServ Electric has been committed to providing our Members with safe and reliable energy and this extreme weather event will not change that commitment.


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