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CoServ linemen move poles with precision in McKinney

By Nicholas Sakelaris | CoServ 

The sun had barely risen above the rooftops of The Settlement at Craig Ranch in McKinney when the first CoServ bucket trucks, boom lift trucks and other equipment arrived on May 5.

The two CoServ linemen crews, led by Supervisor Chris Hammonds, have one day to set five new utility poles along Stacy Road so the City of McKinney can install a right-turn lane at Rowlett Creek Road. The lines were de-energized while the crews were working but CoServ kept power flowing to all the Members in the area by rerouting power from elsewhere on the system, a process known as backfeeding. 

The exception was the Children’s Lighthouse daycare, which is fed by a single line. CoServ hooked the daycare up to a diesel generator at 5:30 a.m., 30 minutes before the daycare opened, so the business could have electricity and operate normally.

The crews worked almost nonstop, pulling wires off the old poles, setting the new poles, hanging wires on the new poles and then reenergizing the system. They did their job with expert precision, maneuvering their bucket trucks and cranes around the telecommunication lines, which were scheduled to be removed later by their respective company.

The workers finished about 7 p.m., 13 and a half hours after they arrived.

Follow along with these photos to see what a day in the life of a CoServ lineman is like.


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