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CoServ responds to AC emergency amid 100-degree temperatures

CoServ responds to AC emergency amid 100-degree temperatures

CoServ’s Energy Education Specialists Justin Porterfield and Alphonso Williams drop off air conditioners at fans at Christian Community Action. Photo by NICHOLAS SAKELARIS/CoServ



Higher than normal temperatures have made air conditioning and fans a matter of life and death this summer.

When a Frisco Family Services client came in on July 12 saying her AC unit wasn’t working, the nonprofit immediately called CoServ.

“She came to us needing help. We were having extremely high temperatures at the time in excess of 100 degrees,” said Brian White, Development Director at Frisco Family Services. “I worked with CoServ to see if we could get an emergency order. I hated to see her suffering in the heat.”

CoServ’s Energy Education Specialist Justin Porterfield dropped what he was doing, drove to the hardware store and bought two air condition units that he delivered to Frisco Family Services.  

By that night, the new air conditioner made the home habitable again.  

“CoServ has been an invaluable partner for so many years,” White said. “CoServ is so committed to the community and helping us provide assistance to those in crisis.”

In addition to responding to emergency situations like this one, CoServ will distribute fans and air conditioners to seven social service agencies throughout North Texas this month. In all, CoServ will give away 62 air conditioners and 107 fans in the month of July.

Be on the lookout for Justin, Randy Copeland and Alphonso Williams in your community as they visit the various nonprofits. They do a similar distribution of blankets and heaters every winter to the same agencies.  

One such agency, Christian Community Action, received 10 air conditioners and 12 fans that will be on-hand for clients who need them.

“In the last couple days we’ve been under this excessive heat advisory,” said Daphne Adams, Director of Programs for CCA. “It makes me really nervous. A lot of our clients, even if they own their homes, they’re older homes and they don’t have insulation or efficient windows to keep it at a cooler temperature.”

The demand for heaters, blankets, fans and air conditioners has increased in the six years that Daphne has been at CCA. 

“Now, we go through them really fast. Even the heaters, we only had like four left from what we ordered during the winter,” Daphne said. “The temperatures are so extreme on both sides that it makes it harder for families. We’re grateful we have a partnership with CoServ to provide those things so they’re able to deal with the different weather.”


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