Focus on CoServ families

The 'I Do It For Them' campaign reminds CoServ Employees to make safe choices


Whether it's their children, spouses or parents, every CoServ Employee has someone who wants them to come home safely every day.

This is the premise behind CoServ’s safety campaign, I Do It For Them. The logo features a mom and dad with three young children enjoying a walk, and it is displayed on every CoServ Fleet vehicle as a reminder to stay safe. 

“Instead of just having rules all the time, we wanted to give people a reason to be safe and tie it back and make it personal,” said Ben DeRemer, Coserv’s Director of Job Training and Safety. “If we give people a reason to be safe, they’re going to exceed the rules and expectations because it’s so personal to them.”

When the campaign launched in 2019, CoServ produced videos showing Employees’ families reminding them to wear their safety gear, buckle their seat belt and take other precautions so they can return home safely and enjoy life with their loved ones.

CoServ measures the success of I Do It For Them by having fewer traffic accidents, slips, trips, falls and, in 2020, cases of COVID-19.  

The campaign is especially critical for CoServ’s Operations Team of electric linemen and gas technicians, who deal with dangerous situations on a regular basis.

“Our field Employees face a lot of hazards day in and day out,” Ben said. “Safety is a personal choice they each have to make, and we want to remind them of the main reason to make that choice every day.”


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