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Letter from the CEO: In uncertain times, you can count on CoServ

Letter from the CEO: In uncertain times, you can count on CoServ


By DONNIE CLARY | CEO and President

Dear CoServ Members and Customers,

Flatten the curve. Social distancing. Shelter in place.

These were just three of the terms that entered our vocabulary in March, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States. For a while there, news about the outbreak and its unprecedented consequences moved as fast as the disease itself.

The stock market and economy took a severe blow. Major sports leagues shut down their seasons or delayed their starts. Airlines were practically grounded, and worship services went virtual. March Madness was canceled, and the Summer Olympics in Tokyo was pushed back a year. Every hour, it seemed, we heard about another celebrity, athlete, politician, friend or loved one diagnosed with coronavirus

We have seen shortages - of COVID-19 test kits, hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Businesses have closed – temporarily or permanently, and millions of jobs have been impacted.
There is so much that we do not know about this virus. We live in uncertain times and don’t know the long-term impacts the coronavirus will have upon our nation and the world.
Here’s one thing you can be certain about: CoServ is here for you 24/7.

As an electric and natural gas distribution utility, we provide “national critical functions” that allow people to work, study and self-quarantine at home. And our commitment during the COVID-19 outbreak is the same as it was before and will be after it has passed: To provide an uninterrupted flow of electricity and natural gas to power your lives.

In the CoServ pages of this special COVID-19 edition of the magazine, I hope you’ll see this commitment in action. Whether it’s keeping our Employees healthy and working remotely so they can continue to serve you or repairing a damaged natural gas line to keep you safe, CoServ continues to work on your behalf.

Because business was anything but “usual” this spring, we want to make sure you are aware of the many ways to communicate with us (next page). And thanks to the SmartHub billing, payment and outage management system on CoServ.com, you now have integrated online and mobile options to make payments and report and track outages. (Learn how SmartHub can help you save energy and money.)

For CoServ updates and resources regarding COVID-19, please visit CoServ.com/COVID19. On behalf of the CoServ family, I offer my sincerest hopes and prayers that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy during these challenging times.


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