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SmartHub can help track electricity, keep COVID-19 costs down

SmartHub can help track electricity, keep COVID-19 costs down

CoServ Electric Members who enroll in SmartHub get access to dashboards like this where they can monitor daily and hourly usage, which is critical when people are quarantining at home.



The COVID-19 outbreak this spring prompted hundreds of thousands of North Texans to work from home, while many others lost their jobs outright. 

These two “new normal” realities, combined with the shutdown of schools, offices and businesses, resulted in full houses and apartments in our service territory. And they could also lead to higher-than-normal energy bills for CoServ Members.

“March and April are ‘shoulder months’ – not too hot, not too cold –and utility bills are usually some of the lowest of the year,” said Josh Sterling, CoServ’s Energy Efficiency Supervisor.
“But residential bills could actually be higher than usual because more people are home more than normal and using more electricity and natural gas.”

In addition, he encourages you to use SmartHub to monitor your energy usage.

“You can avoid surprises and even predict how much your utility bill will be using your SmartHub account, which you can also access through the CoServ app,” he said. “You’ll be able to check your energy usage from day-to-day and adjust your behavior as needed.”

Three quick recommendations from Josh

  • Set your thermostat to 68 for heating and 78 for cooling. 
  • Unplug electronic devices when they aren't being used and employ the power-save feature if available. 
  • Use natural light when it's cold outside, close the blinds and curtains when it's hot outside. 
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