Stay cool at the pool without increasing your energy bills

Stay cool at the pool without increasing your energy bills



Swimming pools are great for relaxing, exercising and staying cool during those sizzling hot Texas summers. If the pool is in your own backyard, you might also notice that it consumes a lot of electricity and natural gas, too.

As your trusted energy advisor, CoServ is here to provide some tips so your pool runs as efficiently as possible.

  • Run the pool pump for one hour per day per 10 degrees of the daily average temperature. Example, if the average temperature is 85 degrees, run the pool pump for eight hours per day.
  • Consider upgrading to variable speed pumps, which are quieter, run cooler and are digitally controlled with advanced diagnostics. They are up to 90 percent more efficient than standard one-speed pumps.
  • Clean pool filters regularly.
  • Try to avoid running pool pumps during the hottest part of the day from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. May through October.
  • Run pumps during the coldest part of the night during winter months to avoid having the pumps run twice a day because the pool already has freeze protection coming on.
  • Set freeze protection to 35 degrees.
  • A solar heater is the most efficient way to heat a pool and can work in conjunction with traditional natural gas or electric heaters. The solar heater can do the majority of the work but the gas or electric heaters can work when it’s dark or cloudy.

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