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Weather Report: Deluge brings cooler temperatures, less energy consumption for May

North Texas received more than 7 inches of rain in May, leading to cooler temperatures and, likely, less energy consumption for CoServ Members.

The official rainfall total was 7.77 inches, nearly 3 inches above normal.

There were only 7 days where the temperature reached 90 degrees or higher. Evenings were also cool with only four nights with temperatures above 70 degrees.

Overall, May 2021 was 2 degrees cooler than the same period last year. Based on the temperatures, CoServ Members likely used less air conditioning, which would result in less energy consumption. 

Some CoServ Members may have also used their heaters on some of the colder nights with average low temperatures of 64 degrees.

Another factor would be whether people were still working from home or doing school from home this May like they were during the COVID-19 quarantine in May 2020. If people were not at home, energy consumption would generally be less.

Comparing May to April, though, the average temperature was 7.2 degrees warmer so CoServ Members likely used nearly three times more air conditioning so energy consumption will be higher.


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