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December 2021 was the hottest December in Texas since at least 1889, State Climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon told CBS News DFW.

In North Texas, the average high for December was 72.6 degrees Fahrenheit, 12.3 degrees higher than the average for the same period a year ago. The high temperature on Christmas Day at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport reached 81 degrees, though other parts of North Texas were warmer than that, WFAA reported.

The average low temperature for December 2021 was 50 degrees compared to a year ago when the average low was 37.3 degrees. The overall average temperature was 61.3 degrees, 12.3 degrees warmer than the same period last year.

As a result of the hotter weather, CoServ Members should expect December 2021 consumption to be less than December 2020.  

That’s because the number of heating degree days – a metric that measures how many days the temperature was below 65 degrees, thus measuring the amount of heating needed – declined by 65 percent. North Texans did use some air conditioning in December with 61 cooling degree days compared to a year ago when there were zero cooling degree days. Cooling degree days measure the number of days where the temperature is above 65 degrees.

December was also dry with only 0.43 inches of rain, nearly 2 and a half inches below normal.

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