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What to expect on your May electric bill

Average April temperatures were about 5 degrees warmer than the same month last year, including two days where highs reached 90 degrees or higher.  

That means CoServ Members likely used more air conditioning this year, which typically means electricity use will be higher.  

While the average temperature for the month was a comfortable 69.5 degrees, the average high was 81.1 degrees, or 6.7 degrees higher than April 2021.

Air condition use is measured in cooling degree days, which calculates the mean temperature for a day and then looks at how many degrees it is over 65 degrees. To calculate it, first take the average of the high and low temperatures for that day. If it’s 80 degrees, then, you subtract 80 from 65 degrees to get 15, which is the cooling degree days. 

For April 2022, the cooling degree days totaled 162, up from just 83 in 2021. Cooling degree days are used to measure electricity demand. The same formula is also used to measure heating degree days if the average temperature if below 65 degrees. By comparison, the heating degree days for April 2022 totaled 22, down from 89 for the same period the year before.

April 2022 was also 11 degrees warmer on average than March 2022, which means electricity use will also be higher this month from last month.

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