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June 2020 Featured Articles:

Surprise! You've just won a $5,000 CoServ Scholarship

Like most of the Class of 2020, McKinney High School senior Sara Hummadi missed the milestones she’s supposed to experience in the final months before graduation.

CoServ rallies around first responders, teachers, Members and Customers

Since 2004, more than $12 million in CoServ Charitable Foundation (CCF) grants have been distributed to over 100 nonprofits and civic organizations in North Texas. CoServ Members, Customers and Employees donated these funds, which makes CCF a true community collaboration.

A Tale of Two Towns

New substations display commitment to meeting increased electricity demand in Prosper and Celina. Prosper is projected to add 13,000 people by 2025; to the north, Celina expects to welcome 27,000 more residents in the same time frame. With average home sizes of 4,541 square feet in Prosper and 3,352 square feet in Celina, CoServ’s electric load in both towns has skyrocketed along with the population.

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May 2020 Featured Articles:

Letter from the CEO: In uncertain times, you can count on CoServ

Flatten the curve. Social distancing. Shelter in place. These were just three of the terms that entered our vocabulary in March, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States. For a while there, news about the outbreak and its unprecedented consequences moved as fast as the disease itself.

Protecting Our Employees, Service Our Members

The COVID-19 outbreak presented multiple challenges for North Texas as several million residents self-quarantined at home amid school closings, restaurant shutdowns and sporting, festival and music event postponements and cancellations..

SMARTHUB® can help you track electricity use, keep ‘COVID Captivity’ costs down

The COVID-19 outbreak this spring prompted hundreds of thousands of North Texans to work from home, while many others lost their jobs outright.

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