CoServ 2020: 7 steps to keep you scam-free this year

A New Year won’t cause utility phone scammers to turn over a new leaf and stop scamming.

However, this year, CoServ customers have a new weapon to fight back: SmartHub®—your new online, mobile CoServ account that you can access anytime, anywhere.

SmartHub is a “scam buster” because it provides your account balance in real-time. This is important when you receive a phony call threatening disconnection if an immediate payment is not made with a prepaid debit/credit card or cryptocurrency.

So what’s easier? Purchasing a prepaid debit/credit card or cryptocurrency and calling the scammer back to provide the information? Or hanging up, clicking on the CoServ app and checking your balance?

Sign up for your SmartHub account today and help us fight scams in 2020!


  1. Don’t provide account details or other personal information if you can’t confirm the caller’s identity.
  2. Hang up on suspicious calls immediately. Better yet: If you don’t recognize the phone number, don’t pick up the call. (Be aware, too, that scammers can “spoof” a phone number to make it look like the call is from CoServ.)
  3. Access your SmartHub account on or via the CoServ app.
  4. Check your real-time account balance and payment due date. 
  5. Contact CoServ through our online chat tool to provide the time, telephone number of the scammer and a brief summary of what happened.  
  6. Adjust your communication preferences in SmartHub to receive updates on pending, late or missed payments. 
  7. Never buy a prepaid debit/credit card, including MoneyPak or Green Dot, to resolve an outstanding balance. CoServ will never make such a request.
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