CoServ contributes to Krum's outdoor warning siren system

CoServ contributes to Krum's outdoor warning siren system



The Krum Fire Department received a $5,000 check Wednesday from the CoServ Charitable Foundation that will help the town improve its outdoor warning system. 

The grant was funded by Operation Roundup, where CoServ Members and Gas Customers round up their monthly bill to the nearest dollar and the extra cents go to CCF.

The Krum Fire Department will use the funds to help purchase a second outdoor warning siren and make upgrades to the existing siren, including replacing the wood pole with a metal one. When completed, firefighters will be able to activate the sirens on the new system remotely. 

"We can set the storm sirens off from our radios," said Capt. Adam North, who wrote the grant request.

The new siren will allow the Krum Fire Department to reach a larger population at one time, especially near the outer edge of the community. Fire Chief Ken Swindle said the new siren will cover two-thirds of the town's population and the large developments where many new residents will be moving to in the future. 

People who live outside of Krum will also be able to hear the sirens. 

"It's going to benefit more than the town of Krum," Capt. North said. 

CoServ has awarded $104,648.76 in grants to the Krum Fire Department since 2004. 

In 2017, the CCF awarded a $25,223.76 check to the Krum Fire Department to purchase new personal protection equipment for four new firefighters. 

CCF previously presented the Krum Fire Department with a grant for CodeRED, which allows the sending of severe weather alerts to mobile devices in the town. What the warning siren accomplishes outdoors, CodeRED does indoors.  

"That's where the true warning comes from, because that goes to your phone wherever you're at," Capt. North said. "We encourage people when you're outside to listen for the sirens but also download CodeRED." 

January has been a great month for fire departments in the CoServ service area. In addition to Krum, CCF has awarded grants for life-saving equipment to Ponder, Celina and Argyle and now Krum.  

The CoServ Charitable Foundation (CCF) focuses on providing basic human needs, promoting community vitality and supporting education. Since CCF was established in 2004, more than $12 million has been distributed to worthy causes across North Texas. Funding for most of the grants comes from CoServ customers through Operation Roundup® – a program where customers “round up” their monthly utility bill to the nearest dollar. For more information about CCF, please visit


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