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31 Dec 2017

#CoServ80: Farewell to a friend

When Denton County Electric Cooperative connected his family's Ponder farm to electricity in 1939, George Seals was 8 years old.

28 Dec 2017

#CoServ80: When the lights first came on

Some rural areas in Denton County received electricity in the 1940s, just a few years after CoServ was first established. Joella Ellis and her husband, former CoServ Board Director Marvin Ellis, share details of what it meant to Joella's family. 

28 Dec 2017

#CoServ80: Ever wonder how CoServ got its name?

In 2018, we will begin our 20th year as CoServ. Listen to former CoServ CEO Bill McGinnis tell the story of how the name was created.

28 Dec 2017

#CoServ80: Serving the community on a board

Marvin Ellis served as a CoServ Electric Board Director from 1981-2006 at a time when the region experienced its first significant growth.

27 Dec 2017

#CoServ80: How did Copper Canyon get its name?

Former CoServ Electric Board Director Marvin Ellis and his wife, Joella, talk about the meaning of Copper Canyon's name.

27 Dec 2017

#CoServ80: Country traditions keep family close

In both work and play, family continues legacies left by Frank Wallace Jr. and Sr.

27 Dec 2017

#CoServ80: 'It's 60 or 70 square miles of the best service area in the country'

Darn right it is.

An interview with former CoServ CEO Bill McGinnis.

19 Dec 2017

CoServ Gas: Rapid growth continues for almost 20 years

When Bill Polley started with CoServ as a construction inspector, CoServ Gas had only 400 feet of gas pipeline installed.

18 Dec 2017

#CoServ80: In Little Elm and Aubrey, a step back in time

A touch of retro turns back time to a different era when life seemed simpler.

15 Dec 2017

#CoServ80: Is grass greener in North Texas?

Growth often means more money for a community. But money’s not the only thing that’s green in Denton and Collin counties.

12 Dec 2017

#CoServ80: Preserving a legacy

A longtime Hebron family was one of the first to become CoServ Members and spent years serving the community and maintaining area farm and ranch history.

11 Dec 2017

#CoServ80: More people in Frisco? More pets too!

It’s raining cats and dogs in Frisco.

7 Dec 2017

#CoServ80: Architects’ daughter shares CoServ history

Isabel Mount Miller and her husband, Tom Miller, designed a 1955 structure that once served as the CoServ headquarters off University Drive in Denton.

5 Dec 2017

#CoServ80: From a the perspective of a Board Director spouse

Joella Ellis and her husband, Marvin Ellis, a former CoServ Electric Board Director, often talked to each other about the issues he faced during the time he served on the board. 

29 Nov 2017

#CoServ80: ‘I have nothing but praise for the people at CoServ’

A former Argyle fire chief's memories of CoServ revolve around reliability, customer service and safety.

19 Nov 2017

#CoServ80: What makes CoServ different?

"CoServ has a real soul," says former CEO Bill McGinnis.

12 Nov 2017

#CoServ80: ‘We really kind of grew up here’

For CoServ Employees Terri Jeter, Janet Knight, Mindy Bennett (now retired) and Brenda Walker, work at an electric cooperative has been a way of life.

9 Nov 2017

#CoServ80: Progress goes where the power is

In 1966, Denton County Electric Cooperative was "plowing the fallow fields of rural endeavor and reaping a harvest of new opportunities."

5 Nov 2017

#CoServ80: 'Things just grew up around us'

Former CoServ Electric Board Directors Jerry Cobb and Clyde Geer talk about the fast-paced growth of the early 2000s.

2 Nov 2017

#CoServ80: Texas Ramp Project helps CoServ veterans pay it forward

As I listened to our Member discuss, at times through tears, how much the ramp and CoServ’s funding meant to her and her family, I began to think of more ways to get involved.

25 Oct 2017

#CoServ80: It's Coffee 101 at HoneyLu's in Prosper

Named for the owner's beloved dachshund, HoneyLu's keeps a water bowl outside the door for four-legged friends and their human companions sipping café-style on the sidewalk.

24 Oct 2017

#CoServ80: Light bulb moment for Edison Coffee Company in Flower Mound

“You don’t have to force community,” said Melanie McWhorter, who owns the company with her husband, J. “You just let it in.”

23 Oct 2017

#CoServ80: Kimzey's on enchanted grounds in Argyle

“It’s the first place like it in this town, and it’s cool,” said Becca Cox, enjoying a beverage while on break from the University of Alabama.

20 Oct 2017

#CoServ80: Argyle couple uses shared space to master art forms

From flattened wine bottles and jewelry to mosaics and sink basins, Suely Lohr transforms the brittle substance into an object of beauty. For Tom Lohr, a line of antique-style wooden pepper mills awaits finishing touches.

16 Oct 2017

#CoServ80: Longtime CoServ Members tout benefits

From reliability to customer service, Copper Canyon residents are glad to be part of an electric cooperative. 

13 Oct 2017

#CoServ80: Flower Mound quilter 'paints' with scraps

"Everything to me is solving a problem," says Barbara Oliver Hartman.

12 Oct 2017

#CoServ80: The price of transformers in 1938 will shock you

Because transformers are used to increase and decrease voltages, they are a vital part of electrical infrastructure.

10 Oct 2017

#CoServ80: From Florida, a note of thanks to CoServ linemen

“I know their families had to deal with the separation and their being gone for a few days, but we appreciate them coming such a long way to help us.”  

6 Oct 2017

#CoServ80: In Highland Village, welding plus wind creates sculptures in the sky

A welding machine, tucked inside his garage, serves as Daren Fagan’s veritable paint brush. Grabbing pieces tucked on shelves or inside bowels as he works, the sculptor’s ideas take shape.

5 Oct 2017

#CoServ80: Reminiscent of another Era

George Luster, 94, remembers seeing city lights in the distance before Denton County Electric Cooperative brought electricity to Era.

3 Oct 2017

#CoServ80: Attention, Bald Eagles: Ready to settle in The Colony? You can thank a CoServ Member

A CoServ Member from The Colony is hoping two nest platforms attract bald eagles in The Tribute.

2 Oct 2017

#CoServ80: Hurricane relief puts co-op principles into practice

CoServ remains committed to making a difference in the lives of our Members and Customers – and to providing support for our fellow Texans and Americans in times of great need. 

22 Sep 2017

#CoServ80: 'You didn't wait for your neighbor to ask for help'

Georgia Hilger Elmore has always appreciated electricity’s convenience: “It makes so many things possible.”

18 Sep 2017

#CoServ80: For this Youth Tour alumnus, mother knows best

As a teenager, Monica Shamkin loved history, and after she took a trip to Washington D.C. during her junior year of high school, her love deepened into a lifelong passion. But it never would have happened without her mom.

15 Sep 2017

#CoServ80: California transplants find more than 'dust and tumbleweeds' in D-FW

The CoServ Members also have been impressed with the energy efficiency of homes in North Texas and the renewable energy options that CoServ offers.

8 Sep 2017

#CoServ80: 'We never thought we'd go this far'

Flower Mound family supports 8-year-old figure skaer's Olympic Dreams.

1 Sep 2017

#CoServ80: Created to serve, CoServ looks forward to the next 80 years

The same strong commitment that drove us in 1937 – serving communities and helping neighbors – continues to drive us today.

28 Aug 2017

#CoServ80: In 1956, Denton County Electric invited Members to an open house

The welcome mat was out for all to visit DCEC's new headquarters in Denton.

21 Aug 2017

#CoServ80: In 1966, signs of progress were everywhere

CoServ has been helping North Texas grow for some time now.

14 Aug 2017

#CoServ80: 30 years ago, an electric co-op predicted the future

The year was 1987. The prediction was incredibly accurate.

4 Aug 2017

#CoServ80: CoServ Solar Station has a bright future as a hands-on classroom

Starting in September, the CoServ Solar Station will offer something other than electricity: lessons about energy in an on-site classroom.

28 Jul 2017

#CoServ80: 2 companies, 1 shared mission

Nebraska Furniture Mart and CoServ have more in common than 80th anniversary.

27 Jul 2017

#CoServ80: How it all began

“After the project (for DCEC) had been presented to the farmers, their reaction was so favorable that it was decided to endeavor to carry on the program.”

18 Jul 2017

#CoServ80: Seeking a new career? CoServ might be seeking you

Click on the Careers tab at the top for more details on benefits, current openings and to apply for a position.


13 Jul 2017

#CoServ80: Making a federal case against Willie Wiredhand

Filed in a federal court in 1951, the lawsuit accused electric co-ops of copyright infringement and unfair competitive practices.

12 Jul 2017

#CoServ80: Sharing lessons learned

‘You are not built to take on the world by yourself.’ – Ryan Benn

11 Jul 2017

#CoServ80: Passion for photography unites CoServ couple

Side by side, Ron and Sharlott Hasty of Aubrey travel the globe in search of new subjects to focus on.

6 Jul 2017

#CoServ80: Buy an electric range, get a free FM-AM clock radio!

In 1967, a Denton County Electric Cooperative ad encouraged Members to purchase an electric range "to make cooking easier and better."

29 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: Texas Co-op Power magazine is 73 years young

Formerly a tabloid, Texas Co-op Power switched to a magazine format in February 1992, when Denton County Electric Cooperative began publishing local information in its pages.

27 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: How CoServ helped one Plano family find a solar solution

The CoServ Solar Station proved to be just the right answer.

23 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: Frisco Members capture Texas images

A red barn captures the eye of a CoServ Member who submits the photo to the Texas Co-op Power magazine. 

22 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: 80 years, 4 headquarters for Denton County Electric Cooperative

What do a Cracker Barrel and a parking lot behind a bank off Denton Square have in common?

21 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: Frisco Family Services helps CoServ Member get life back on track

When her husband was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer, Darlene Jenkins found herself in an unfamiliar position: in need. 

15 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: 1937 Chevy pickup joins CoServ fleet

CoServ’s newest fleet vehicle is a green 1937 Chevy pickup called "Rosie."

9 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: Members share stories at CoServ's Annual Meeting

Read the stories about these CoServ Members, then tell us your own.

8 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: In 1939, Tarzan found a son, and Denton County Electric Cooperative wanted new Members

More Members were needed to continue the expansion of electric distribution lines to “progressive type” country homes and farms.

2 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: Sign up for Nest Rush Hour Rewards, receive $100 off your CoServ bill

Rush Hour Rewards can’t lower the outside temperatures, but it can save you $100 just by enrolling.

1 Jun 2017

#CoServ80: DCEC/CoServ Annual Meeting locations

Since 1975, the University of North Texas Coliseum has served as the main location for the Annual Meeting.

30 May 2017

#CoServ80: DCEC/CoServ Youth Tour participants

Are you a DCEC/CoServ Youth Tour alumnus? We want to hear from you.

26 May 2017

#CoServ80: Different time, same community service

As we celebrate CoServ's 80th anniversary this year, here's a look back at our humble but memorable beginnings. 

19 May 2017

#CoServ80for80: A memory that serves

When the final AMI meter was installed in 2013, Senior Field Tech Bobby Turner must have smiled to himself. Of the new technology, he takes a wait-and-see approach. 

16 May 2017

#CoServ80: Join us June 8 to celebrate 80 years of service

Seven principles drive modern cooperatives, and CoServ Members will experience them all at this year’s Annual Meeting, which will celebrate CoServ's 80th year of service.

11 May 2017

#CoServ80: A brief history of Denton County Electric Cooperative

On May 8, 1937, the Articles of Incorporation for Denton County Electric Cooperative were notarized and filed in the office of the Secretary of State for Texas.

5 May 2017

CoServ to Members: Please share your memories

CoServ is celebrating 80 years of serving North Texas this year. Do you have a favorite story to share with us?

21 Apr 2017

#CoServ80for80: A great place to work

In the 80 years since CoServ began, many have worked together to bring service to a growing North Texas. 

13 Apr 2017

#CoServ80for80: Giving back to those who support us

Like CoServ, giving back to the community is important to former Dallas Cowboy Omar Stoutmire.

7 Apr 2017

#CoServ80: Electricity lightened load for women

Everything changed when electricity made its way into rural households. “It was a big advancement for women,” said Barbara Coughran. 

31 Mar 2017

80 for 80: Members thank CoServ for 60 years of service

Clair and Bill Bradford, formerly of Flower Mound, recently shared their appreciation for CoServ. 

1 Mar 2017

#CoServ80: Flower Mound history buffs thankful for reliable service

Sixty years of reliability — that’s what CoServ means to Bill and Clair Bradford.

20 Feb 2017

#CoServ80: North Texas is growing and so is CoServ

The construction of commercial and residential developments comes with an increased demand for energy. It’s no surprise, then, that CoServ – which serves Denton, Collin and five other North Texas counties – experienced one of its biggest growth years in 2016.

16 Feb 2017

#CoServ80: In 1938, CoServ's 1st energized line connects North Texas farms to electricity

The initial project was for 550 miles of lines in Denton, Cooke, Grayson, Tarrant, Collin and Wise counties, "but it is believed possible that more lines will be erected, as the cost per mile so far has been lower than the original estimates."

15 Feb 2017

#CoServ80: Rebates can help you save energy, money

The best part about energy-efficient products is that the savings don’t stop with the rebates.

10 Feb 2017

#CoServ80: In 1965, DCEC engineers faced the future

His advance planning ten years ago provided the additional power you are using today.

2 Feb 2017

#CoServ80: CoServ Members’ photos capture spotlight

Snapshots taken just north of McKinney and in Flower Mound are featured in Texas Co-op Power.

13 Jan 2017

#CoServ80: Memories from a pole digger’s son

One Aubrey resident tells the story, in his own words, of his father's 20-plus years of work with CoServ in the 1940s.

9 Jan 2017

#CoServ80: When it comes to safety, practice makes permanent

A strong culture of safety starts with leadership.

4 Jan 2017

#CoServ80: Member extends helping hand to fellow Member

“There really are great, caring people in this world.”

3 Jan 2017

#CoServ80: Member helps an Employee in need

Aubrey resident and CoServ Member Britt Watson offers a helping hand to Paris Caldwell, a CoServ Employee, after he notices her car stopped on the side of the road one recent morning. 

2 Jan 2017

#CoServ80: Celebrating 80 years of service

Much has changed over the past eight decades, but the same can-do, neighbors-helping-neighbors spirit that created CoServ in 1937 remains today.  

1 Jan 2017

#CoServ80 interview with George Seals: ‘We thought we were rich’

When a farm family from Ponder connected electric service in 1939, it changed the way they cooked, listened to the radio – even the way they played together.