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Rush Hour Rewards: Get $100 when you enroll your Nest thermostat

15 Apr 2016

Nest and CoServ are partnering to help you save more energy - and get paid in the process.

CoServ will give you a $100 electric bill credit when you enroll your Nest Learning Thermostat (maximum of two) in Rush Hour Rewards. After the first year, enrollees will earn an additional $40 credit on their electric bills for each subsequent year they participate in the program.

When temperatures soar, air conditioners cycle on creating "an energy rush hour." Distribution utilities such as CoServ request  more generation to meet the higher demand, which in turn drives up power costs. These power costs are passed through on future electricity bills to you and to CoServ.

For just a few hours a day, a few days each summer month, together, we can work to lower these costs.

Learn more about this optional demand response program here or sign up today and get a $100 electric bill credit within thirty days. Together, we can make a difference.


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